Under the Constitution of St. Ebba’s, the Vestry is responsible for all administrative and financial affairs of the congregation. Vestry members are its Charity Act Trustees. Meetings are held on alternate months at The Garden House, Netherbyres.
Members of the Vestry are elected by the congregation at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in November or December of each year). It appoints its Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Vestry Minutes are available for inspection to members in a folder at the back of the church.

Present Vestry members with term of office

Interim Chair: Canon Jeffry Smith

Richard Oldale (People’s Warden) (Ex officio & elected annually)(Alternate Lay Representative)

Frankie Taylor (Lay Representative  2018) & Vestry Secretary

Joan Thomas (2015 –




From the AGM 2017

 VESTRY SECRETARY’s report 2017