About Us


Who we are
The congregation comes from all East Berwickshire and we have members from Coldingham and St.Abbs. We are part of Diocese of Edinburgh within the Scottish Episcopal Church, ordering our life according to its rules, using its liturgies and accountable to the Bishop of Edinburgh , the Rt. Rev. John Armes.

How we work
St. Ebba’s operates on the basis of the ministry of all the baptised with every member sharing in its work and mission. Its ministry is overseen by the elected Vestry which has appointed co-ordinators for the areas of worship, pastoral care and hospitality.

Where we are – Please see ‘Contact Us’ Page

The church building is located on the hillside above the town beach at Fort View, off Paxton Terrace. Car parking is provided both outside the front door overlooking the bay as well as at the back of the church, but it only takes 5 minutes to walk there from the beach car park.


To find out about the history of St Ebba and the Episcopal Church in Eyemouth, together with details of the interior of the church, please go to the History page